2 Sailboats or More?

20.00"W x 24.00"H x 0.5"D

$250 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Cynthia Todd


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: white, boat, sail, sky, blue, lake, beach, impressionist, minimalist, sailboat, ocean, clouds

Media: acrylic, canvas, putty, knives, paint

Size: 20"W x 24"H x 0.5"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

The reason I chose the title for this piece is that it is descriptive of the subject.
I created this piece a few weeks ago from being inspired after watching two sailboats on the lake. It wasn't until after meditating on these two boats for several minutes that I realized there were other similar boats that appeared in the distance out of the morning fog. I wanted to capture the same sense of seeing 2 sailboats and not being able to notice until after pondering the work for awhile that there might be more boats in the distance. I think it is neat that I was able to successfully capture the other boats not readily apparent just like I did not notice them at first on that foggy morning. This painting is stretched on canvas on low profile wood frame. It is painted black on the edges like museum edges and is ready to hang.

I often dreamt of someday creating an abstract painting and told myself I did not have time when truthfully I did not believe I had the creative panache to paint in an abstract style. I took some painting classes in a representational style but found it painful to replicate on canvas exactly what I saw in a photo or a still life. I won a couple of awards with this style when I was young but stopped painting for a while when I found myself busy raising a son, obtaining an education, and working full time, all at the same time. The desire to paint an abstract work kept haunting me. When I finally found time, I realized I did not know what to do without a ruler or agonizing over precise replication of color. What a struggle to follow the dream! A few practice sessions and I gave up. I took up running instead. Years of running obsessively left no time to paint, or so this was my justification for not following the dream or practicing creativity. A nasty fall at the starting line of a race left me unable to any longer run as I would like. “No time to paint”, could no longer be an excuse. I began to paint again and this time I discovered I could create my own interpretation of a subject without representation of it. The techniques unique to my style emerged and the creative process took off with a vengeance. The creative juices are unlocked and I am having much fun! I paint my interpretation of what has inspired me, what I see, think, or feel. I paint successfully in what some might call abstract, contemporary, or impressionistic styles but others find it hard to categorize my work. Mostly I just paint “Cindy style” and try not worry what it is called or how it is categorized. My heart is touched and filled with thanks that so many others are also finding my art enjoyable. Those who own a piece of my art which makes them smile or has touched their hearts is one of my greatest joys. I am off and running on the road to a new dream to turn this into my full time profession.

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