Summer Highlands - Original Watercolor Painting

22.00"W x 17.00"H x 0.1"D

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Charles Ash


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: new mexico, mountains, contemporary landscape, southwest

Media: watercolor on paper

Size: 22"W x 17"H x 0.1"D

Year Created: 2015

It is a rare morning along the prairie east of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains when it is foggy and low clouds hug the mountains.

Another series of watercolors working to achieve a minimalist feel. A fun way to bust loose and explore with watercolors using quick strokes with a Japanese writing brush on rough watercolor paper. 22" x 17" image size, unframed.

Image was photographed to represent original colors, but your monitor colors may vary the colors slightly.

“I enjoy the ability to express myself using a large Japanese brush, ink, water and good quality paper whether that is hot press, watercolor paper or rice paper. I find Bokusho stimulating and it is a huge challenge to let go of all my pre-conceptions of what I want on the paper and to just let it happen in front of me. “

I love working quickly using a calligraphy brush on rough paper, going for the zen of the moment. I keep the colors pure while at the same time letting the paper do the work; looking for happy accidents that I can exploit. Many times I will take a scene and modify the composition to minimalize the basic elements to maintain a deceptively simple beauty. The subjects I choose to paint tend to have an interesting massing, a layering of elements and a quality of light and shadow. I am always looking for new views and experiences. As I travel, should I come across a striking scene I may simply take a picture for future reference, draw a quick sketch or paint on site. Many times I will remember scenes and sketch from memory while I have an idle moment. My work draws from the forms, colors and experiences of the desert Southwest; an enjoyment in the act of painting expressing a simpler, more casual approach to life.

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