8.40"W x 10.60"H x 0.0"D

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Coriander Shea


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: carnevale, mask, venice, checkerboard, parchment, wings, traditional, sun, faery, fairy, faerie, fairie, sidhe, fae, shea, coriander, fantasy, elegant

Media: graphite, sketch on parchment

Size: 8.4"W x 10.6"H x 0.01"D

Year Created: 2018

Curator's Note: Notice how different qualities of graphite can be seen across across the various elements of this composition.

This was another piece I created for Enchanted Visions, a group that I run that is a Fantasy Art Movement in the making. The theme was "Carnevale". You can find out more about Enchanted Visions at www.enchanted-visions.net

I usually do much more esoteric and spiritual pieces than what you see here, but this piece was fun and light...for me lol. It was nice to just concentrate on shading the pretty dress and all the flounces and folds of fabric. As with most of my artwork, I draw a sketch before I take it into a digital art program to finish as a digital painting. The sketch is what you see here and serves as the "skeleton" of the painting. I've been told many times that my sketches are mistaken for finished pieces of art! That definetly flatters my ego, but I am also a perfectionist so of course I cannot just stop at the shaded sketch....I have to go all the way!

I have always been fascinated with the Venetian Carnevale and all the beautiful masks and expensive, elaborate costumes. So, I enjoyed creating this piece very much!

I'm a pretty multi-faceted & multi-talented lady. A Fantasy Faery Artist. Actress. Singer. Writer. Oracle. Witch. Crazy Cat Lady. Renaissance Woman...but just a Faery at Heart. I also recently lost 100lbs on my own! :) / WEB: coriander-shea.com / FB: facebook.com/CorianderShea / TWITTER: @coriander_shea

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