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Abstract art shines light on images of our inner world, and is generally not representative of images of the outside world. One of the first landmarks artists in abstract paintings was Kazimir Malevich, who painted a completely black square in 1913. In the same year, Wassily Kandinsky painted a famous work, "Composition VII,” which introduced complexity to abstract painting.

However, the first abstract artist may have been Manierre Dawson, an American from Chicago. During a tour of Europe in 1910, he started painting true abstract works. however, he quit producing art, thinking he would never make money from it, and remained forgotten until a rediscovery in 1963. He may have been the first person to paint a completely abstract work.

After World War II, abstract art became the principal trend of artistic tastes in the United States. Immigrants such as Piet Mondrian, Max Ernst and Mark Rothko, and native-born Americans such as Barnett Newman and Jackson Pollock gained widespread popularity.

Notable 20th century abstract artists:
Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Josef Albers, Jackson Pollock

How can abstract art fit in my space?

Today, abstract art is a canvas of experimentation, evoking meaning without explicit representation for artists. Abstract paintings can set subtle emotion and evocative moods to your space.

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