Beach Plums

14.50"W x 25.50"H x 0.3"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Carolyn Ryan


Medium: Print

Subject Tags: coastal, beach, bold, minimalist, seaside, print, block, woodcut, movement, crafts, arts, modern, century, mid

Media: paper, pigments, free, engraving, acid, fine

Size: 14.5"W x 25.5"H x 0.25"D

Year Created: 2018

My inspiration for creating this monoprint was to create a bold botanical image in a modern style.
Rosa Rugosa, the quintessential seaside hedgerow.
In mediaeval times wild roses were grown in monasteries as a medicinal herb. Today they grow rampant along the shore. Rose hips are a lush botanical gem and the fruit of the dunes.
This monoprint is a many layered woodblock print. I carve the blocks and handprint each piece. The result is a unique handprinted piece of art.
This piece is the same size and format as three other pieces in my collection "Lobster", "Oysters" and "Loon" creating the possibility of displaying them as a group.
Each print is unique and considered a monoprint.
There is a clean 2-3 inch white margin of paper framing the image.

I am a printmaker working in a variety of printmaking techniques. Wood block, screen printing, mono- types and dry point. Works on paper are my medium.

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