The Robbing of the Groom

30.00"W x 40.00"H x 0.8"D

$1,000 (Shipping Included)

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Christian Munoz


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: modern, monsters, tribute, ernst, max, microphone, singing, vulture, spears, floor, checkered, guitar, toilet, marriage, rabbits, birds, fantasy, surrealism

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 30"W x 40"H x 0.75"D

Year Created: 2018

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This painting is my tribute to Max Ernst's famous painting, The Robing of the Bride (Guggenheim Museum in Venice). I painted an extensive amount of detail with new twist to the story. The groom is now being robbed by the bridesmaids and the green-feathered vulture. The diminutive bride is in the lower right corner. The bride is a gruesome mixture of two heads. The rabbits are helping steal the groom's guitar and cloak. The green vulture represents Ernst's avian counterpart Loplop. The four-armed vulture is reaching for the groom's cloak and accosting him with a spear. The portrait on the wall above the groom represents the unholy union of the marriage and an added offspring. The three figures merge together in front a menacing rocky landscape.

Christian was born in the United States but has also lived in Colombia. He has attended schools such as Parsons (New York City), The University of the Arts (PHILA) and Drexel University (PHILA) and has a BFA in graphic design. He now lives in South Florida and has exhibited with other Latinamerican artists. About his work: I have always strived to test my skills, imagination and patience with each painting/project I engage in. I enjoy having contrasting styles within my work. I feel that the use of these styles helps me to develop my sense of color, form, and composition. Most of my work requires a lot of time (preparatory black & white sketches, color studies). However other paintings are done directly onto the canvas without any sketches.

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