Copper & Pears

24.00"W x 20.00"H x 2.0"D

$400 (Shipping Included)

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Claudia Cox

Lake Hughes, CA

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: realism, bright, life, still, pears, post-impressionism, copper, kettle, kitchen, dining, green, decorative, decor

Media: canvas, oil

Size: 24"W x 20"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

This is the first oil painting I did when I moved to Los Angeles. Must have been 2002 or 2003.
I used some of Paul Cezanne's techniques to create this piece, such as his palette mixing, sculpting brushstrokes and composition. His idea was to use a limited palette to unify the composition, to sculpt the shape of the object with brushstrokes and to use whatever perspective showed this shape to best advantage - this is why sometimes it looks like the objects are falling off the table!
This is my homage to him, using objects that I enjoy such as the highly reflective copper and the brightly-colored pears.

Born in the USA, but I grew up in Chile. That land of wine, poetry, and magic inspired in me early on to create my own visual language. I call it “visual poetry”: people, landscapes and objects selected and stylized to capture an emotion. Back in the USA, in Nebraska, the solitude of endless skies and prairie drew me within to my own realms of imagination. Even though I have a Minor in Art as part of my Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, much of my work is self-explored. I got my MA in London, where I was inspired by the great masterpieces, in particular, that of Impressionistic and Post-Impressionistic artists from whom I've "borrowed" some of my techniques. Here in Los Angeles, California, where I currently reside, I continue my search to give visual expression to the inner experience of our outer world. I'm inspired by the beautiful diversity of people, the variety of environments and the vibrancy of the art scene that currently surrounds me .

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