24.00"W x 18.00"H x 1.0"D

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Christian Weykamp


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: writing, color, calligraphy, abstract, painting, text, abstract, urban, tagging, calligraphy

Media: acrylic, canvas, gouache

Size: 24"W x 18"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

With this piece I tried to experiment with writing in the nonsense style. This painting was made in the same style as the other pieces of the nonsense series. I used a dip pen and gouache to make the smaller characters and a very stiff brush to write Love. The smaller characters have some letters easily readable hidden though out the work. Can you make the name of your lover? I think in the end the word Love is read too easily, and I want to experiment hiding words more in the future. Measures 18x24, acrylic and gouache on canvas.

Hello, my name is Christian Weykamp I am a calligraphy artist living in upstate New York. During a state mandated studio art class in the 9th grade, our teacher spent two weeks teaching us the basics of dip pens and calligraphy. From that moment I was totally hooked. I even once failed a history assignment after turning in an assignment written in calligraphy on parchment paper, even after my teacher insisted that all papers must be typed. From that time I've done countless wedding projects with my calligraphy skills. As much as I like doing this work I always wanted to take calligraphy off the paper to use it to make beautiful paintings. My work is inspired by all types of calligraphy; arabic, hebrew, blackletter, hieroglyphics, runes, and anything else I come across. Since branching out more into painting in 2015 I have been a part of several group shows, sold paintings to people all across the USA, and have even won a couple of awards at local shows. Thanks for taking a look!

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