Vibration 37 (part spirit, part measurement)

48.00"W x 35.00"H x 1.0"D

$1,500 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: circles, large painting, carey glenn smith, carey smith, organic abstraction, shapes

Media: abstract, acrylic, abstraction, colorist, geometric abstraction on canvas

Size: 48"W x 35"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

This painting is one of the few pieces I have completed that could be translated from a sketch without undergoing any major transformations. The idea evolved from the push and pull of space as defined by circles that were built on (or had the appearance of) movement, interaction, and visual floating both through and on top of one another. The color also translated well from the sketch which was completed using watercolor and graphite. The strength of this piece, I feel, resides in its ability to evolve into an apparent chaotic substrate from a sense of order within the illusion of the center of gravity established by the circles. As line and color moves into the surrounding structures, fields, and forms they both morph into less predictable elements whose existence makes sense and is given power by the order they defy and define.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. My formal training in the arts includes earning a Master's in Art Education from Lander University and a BFA in Studio Art along with a minor in Philosophy from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. I regularly exhibits paintings and prints throughout the New England and Southeastern regions in addition to composing and publishing original musical compositions. My passions also include writing and poetry as well. My initial collection of poems, Nouveau Memento Mori, was self-published. The second volume, Tithing All the Candor, was released by Wintergoose Publishing. Recent publications that have featured my writing and paintings include Penny Ante Feud, Nefarious Ballerina, Black Heart Magazine, and Fine Lines Publications. I am formally an Adjunct Professor of Art History at Piedmont Technical College. Now residing in Boston, MA, I am producing artwork, pursuing independent writing, and teaching at Medford High School.

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