Lady Walking

12.00"W x 16.00"H x 1.0"D

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: nature, insect, ladybug, leaves, plants

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 12"W x 16"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2017

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“My surroundings inspire what I paint, such as observing beach life in California and browsing local resale shops for nostalgic collectibles. These visual impressions turn into concepts that become a conversation on my canvas of captured moments, compositional elements and intense detail. Recently, I have been sketching ideas that blend my love of traditional art with modern design and dreamy imagery; a child sitting in front of a sunset hypnotizing butterflies, a seductive ceramic cat proudly displaying it’s reflection of a window. Using references from both life and photography, my subjects are painted with many layers of intricate brushwork to create contemplative scenes of reality.”

"I am a realist painter working in oil and acrylic on canvas and paper. I live in Southern California with my son and work out of a quaint studio in my Ventura County home. I love to create perspectives that push compositional boundaries, such as a scene or subject that extends beyond the canvas edge, as if continuing to a life in the real world. Recently, I have been painting reflective objects. I exaggerate the details in the reflections with intense brushwork to create an ornate dance between darks, lights and color. Viewed closely, there are many patterns of abstraction. Take a step back and the forms unify into a contemplative scene of reality". A deep love of art and realistic drawing began at age five after helping my artistic mother render portraits of my siblings. I received a scholarship to attend a liberal arts college where studio work included rigorous programs of classical instruction. My Junior year, I became the sole recipient to work in an independent study under the tutelage of Gardiner McCauley, head of the art college. That year, my studies were structured around experimental drawing and painting, including plein air work. It was a year of learning that profoundly changed my creative approach to producing art. Most importantly, I learned to push the process and trust my intuition. The impact of that training led me to create a five-foot square mixed media abstract self-portrait. I was honored to have it installed in the art college reception area and published in the curriculum catalog. After graduating, I worked in my hometown of Chicago as a graphic designer and illustrator. Working as an illustrator solidified my love to work in the style of realism. Upon moving to Los Angeles in the early 90’s, I attended advanced painting classes at UCLA. With an affinity to paint figures, my career as a portrait artist blossomed. In the last few years, I have been inspired to create paintings that combine traditional realism with a modern edge. These works include lone figures amid simplified landscapes, enlarged depictions of secondhand collectables and playful reflective architecture. My work is collected throughout the US and abroad. Education UCLA, Los Angeles, CA: Studies in Advanced Acrylic and Oil Painting 1993-1995 Chicago Academy of Art, Chicago, IL: Advanced Illustration 1983 Stephens College, Columbia, MO: Bachelors of Arts, Graphic Design 1978-1982 Associations American Women Artists, Associate with Distinction

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