Still Life 1

16.00"W x 20.00"H x 0.6"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Bri Dill


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: martini, graphic, expressive, contemporary, wine, glasses, alcohol, bottles

Media: acrylic, paint, stretched canvas

Size: 16"W x 20"H x 0.625"D

Year Created: 2018

This painting is one of 75+ 16x20" paintings I created over the past 7 months in order to gain a better understanding of my creative identify, techniques, strengths and weaknesses. No matter the subject, the vibrant colors and graphic nature create a bold statement that visually describes my mental and emotional connection to the process of creating art.

Bri Dill is an artist and young entrepreneur raised in South Windsor and currently based out of Hartford, Connecticut. Bri’s childhood dream of becoming a neurosurgeon came to an immediate halt when her grandmother taught her to paint and introduced her to the driving force she knows today as passion. Blinded by inspiration, Bri decided to pursue a higher education in art to encourage an understanding of existence without using scientific logic and to develop an unique perception of reality that could only be expressed through process of creation. Bri’s multifaceted art career has provided her with valuable experiences that molded her unique perspective on the art market and her unconventional approach to art as business. Bri is a tattoo artist, a sign maker, a live painter, fine artist, art teacher, manager and event coordinator. Bri is currently completing her apprenticeship at The Edge Tattoo in South Windsor while continuing to create artwork for sale and exhibition. In order to promote herself as a sign maker, Bri is currently developing a new body of work on large scale wood using techniques such as burning, staining, carving and assembling. However, Bri’s main focus in currently on her new business endeavor as a traveling art teacher. Bri is a strong believer in making art more accessible in local communities to better serve the diverse needs of individuals of all age groups with varying backgrounds, experience, exposure and education.

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