Terrorist Flower

33.46"W x 43.31"H x 0.1"D

$1,220 $1,100 (Shipping Included)

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Bojan Jevtić

Belgrade, 00

Medium: Photography

Subject Tags: person, roses, face, flowers, terrorist flower

Media: color, manipulated on photography, canvas, unframed

Size: 33.46"W x 43.31"H x 0.08"D

Year Created: 2017

Limited edition 1 of 20

My pictures are made from digital photos, with textures and computer effects and digital painting on Canvas (unframed, 5 cm white border ) .
I try to keep my works creative.

You can contact me via Vango message if you want:
-a different image size than the current size;
-that image has a different border (in cm);
- If you want the image to be printed on other materials (photographic paper , for example).
-If you're interested in purchasing multiple works in a single transaction, please contact me
Shipping costs (for transport ) via Express Mail Service (EMS) are USD 40 $ for everywhere .
For example :
Expected transmission via EMS and delivery time is from:
3 to 5 working days to Great Britain
5 to 9 working days to USA
6 to 13 working days to Australia ...

Picture is in very strong rol tube, with Certificate of Authenticity ( it's goes on the back of the picture )

Hope you 'll enjoy in my artwork .

Bojan Jevtic is a Serbian visual artist. Born in Belgrade, he has had a long, illustrious career. His artworks are in art book " Masters of Contemporary Fine Art” with the artworks from other famous artist all over the world .His art has been featured on book covers and CD covers and inside such publications as Mercury, which is the official magazine of the Department of Business Studies Uppsala University in Sweden, and Saatchi Art’s Fall 2016 catalogue. He is also highly sought after by public collection curators and private art collectors all around the globe, known especially for his complex portraits of women in a variety of settings. Although there are elements of reality in his work, there is also the sense that what he is illustrating is not exactly of this world either, or if it is, then it is of this world in a way not usually perceived. He sees in women intrigue and excitement, and it is those things that he tries to put down onto canvas. Wholly originally in his insights, Bojan bases his works on digital photos, making extensive use of textures, computer effects, and digital painting tools. Outside of Saatchi Art, he also has been featured on Artfido, Artfinder, Shadowness, and Onlyunique. When you look at Bojan’s work, you are looking at a vision of a vision. Something has been seen here, mirrored, and then its mirror has been seen in sequence. In doses magical and unsettling, his art is a true product of the time in which we live.

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