Fox's Story - Part II

10.00"W x 12.00"H x 0.2"D

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Therese Tucker


Medium: Collage

Subject Tags: collage-painting, butterflies, storytelling, fairytale, fox woman, woman portrait, portraits

Media: ink, acrylic, collage, fluid acrylics on hardwood panel

Size: 10"W x 12"H x 0.2"D

Year Created: 2016

This is the 2nd panel in my 3 part storytelling series. Each painting has the story handwritten on the back. You can read Part II here:
"Part II
In order to make a change Fox intuitively knew she would need the help of the butterfly realm with their scared magic of transformation.
The tea they made tasted funny on her tongue, sweet, tart and earthly all at once. It fizzed and bubbled against her lips like tiny wings giving kisses. What a strange and intense feeling – changing - like being stretched and somehow shrinking at the same time.
Though her keen sight had diminished a bit, the new perspective her height offered made the world look new and wondrous again. Her ears had remained that of the fox so she would never forget who she truly was. In her human disguise Fox would travel to the world of Humanity to see if she could carry the message of Remembrance and help to end the age of Separation."

The 3 part series was created using the exact same color schemes and mediums. Each piece is finished in protective varnish.
This piece is unframed and has no hanging hardware, however it would look great leaning against a wall or propped on an easel (it would also look great framed.)

Channeling the work (connecting to Source energy and allowing it to move through me) is by far my favorite and the most satisfying way to create art. Many times channeled writing is also attached to the paintings in some form, either hidden under the paint medium I use, written directly on the back of the piece, or attached in a sealed envelope to the back of the piece. These messages are channeled from Higher Entities and often intended only for the artwork's owner. My methods for channeling are clairvoyance, clairaudience, direct channeling and dream work. The dream work is one of my favorite methods because when I am experiencing a block or am challenged by a facet of the piece my dreams actually show the piece being painted with coaching and instruction.

Therese is an Artist as well as a Psychic Channel/ Medium, Actress, and Sparkle Goddess. She specializes in Intuitive Art and uses many mediums to achieve her results including plaster, watercolor, acrylic and ink to name a few favorites. After living for over 11 years in Brooklyn, NY Therese has returned to her native home of the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two kids, and two cats where she finds daily inspiration and beauty in her coastal town. When she's not painting (which is rare) she is doing intuitive work with others to help them stand in their full potential and create a life they love at Spirit4Success.com. Therese received her BFA in Acting from Cornish College of the Arts and studied Mixed Media at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. To see my process and learn about what I'm working on sign up for my mailing list and we can keep in touch:

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