Vegetable Broth

12.00"W x 9.00"H x 0.1"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

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L. Lawrence Bispo


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: kitchen, gourmet, pitcher, copper, vegetables, still life

Media: oil on fiber

Size: 12"W x 9"H x 0.125"D

Year Created: 2016

In my still life paintings, I try to bring philosophical meaning to the items that enrich our lives: rustic heirlooms and keepsakes, or old family treasures of silver or copper. These items are brought to life with the addition of fruits or flowers.

A still life with copper pitcher and red vegetables suggests the makings of vegetable stock for cooking up a hearty broth. I switched to a more modern palette for this to capture the vibrancy of the onions and the radish. This painting would make a nice addition to a kitchen or dining room.

My name is L. Lawrence Bispo. I am a Vango artist who paints landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. I also at times teach portrait painting, figure drawing, observational drawing, and color theory. In addition to painting and drawing, I also write, compose music, and develop for the web. I always have a lot of sticks in the fire! For my day job, I teach (and sometimes do) web development. I also love spending time with my family: my beautiful wife Joy and our crazy dog Fiona. Thank you for visiting my portfolio!

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