Impressionist Trees and Reflections

14.00"W x 6.50"H x 0.3"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

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William Wood


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: brushy, impressionism, landscape, abstract, landscape, watercolor, impressionism, reflections

Media: watercolor

Size: 14"W x 6.5"H x 0.25"D

Year Created: 2018

Simple and to the point taking every line with one intentional stroke, getting more paint, and putting down another stroke. I took a lot of inspiration from modern impressionist artist, and I wanted it to feel open and abstract with the tree line pulling you in from the sky and water and then with the open ends letting your eye trail off in the piece.

I am a senior graphic design student from lakewood Colorado pursuing fine arts on the side as a stress relief and a way of expressing how I view the world. My paintings are influenced by the impressionist era, with my understanding of heavy lines and shapes mixed in. I am continuing to pursue paint as paint and it is shown in my pieces. I enjoy seeing forms in my pieces, but I also enjoy seeing the impression of forms as well so I am a bit of a mixed bag. I do hope you enjoy my work. Thank you.

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