33.00"W x 33.00"H x 2.0"D

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Benjamin McClish

North Kansas City, MO

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: woods, wooden frame, hardwood panel, abstract art, textured painting

Media: acrylic, woods, spray paint, pastel on wood

Size: 33"W x 33"H x 2"D

Year Created: 2017

Everyone loves a great duet. This piece is a beautiful amalgamation of wood panel, palette wood, texture, spray paint and acrylic. So really it's more of an ensemble. I love to create and in my studio one day, I had a wood panel and some different frames and this is what came out of it. Life is beautiful like this piece, we all share this planet together and it's a beautiful thing when we walk in unity and love with and towards one another.

​I was captivated by art at a very early age. Especially color. As a kid, I would sit in my room and create for hours. As much as I loved art, life happened and one day, I just stopped drawing. In 2003, on a trip to Alaska, that passion for creativity hit me once again and my love for art exploded. I missed creating and I missed how therapeutic it is to be creative. I also figured I needed a hobby. I felt it better to take up art again rather than riding motorcycles. Don't get me wrong, motorcycles are amazing but being legally blind in one eye meant art was a smarter move. Blind in one eye, you ask? Yep. I am the only surviving triplet and my right ocular nerve didn't develop correctly. That means I've only had partial vision my entire life. I'm inclined to believe my loss of sight is partially why I see all the beauty in colors and art. So what kind of art do I create? Mixed media. I started out working in pastels and pencil. Then I moved to working in mixed mediums. I love the manipulation of acrylic paint. From there I found my love for different textures and spray paint. Put that all together and you get my love for mixed media pieces. If you like texture, we have something in common. Just wait until you see my work up close! ​It's my joy to be creative. I find inspiration everywhere. When I started, I was simply creating art I thought was beautiful ... and I was doing it for me. I never intended to show my work or sell it. I just loved to paint and I still do. It wasn't until my friends saw my work that I sold my first piece. One of them fell in love with a painting called "rocket man". He purchased it and it is still hanging in the entrance of his salon. I have been creating custom artwork for clients ever since. I'm a passionate guy who gives it my all when I create. I paint from my heart with everything in me. That's what you get with a piece of my art; lots of heart, loads of texture, fun and color ... and hopefully a lot of inspiration to make a beautiful, enjoyable space for your home, office or design project. I would be honored to create a beautiful piece for you.

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