Breaking Of Day

20.00"W x 24.00"H x 0.3"D

$220 (Shipping Included)

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Jonelle Appah


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: daybreak, abstract art

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 20"W x 24"H x 0.3"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

When I started this piece I was not sure of where I was going with it, as usual with my paintings, but i knew i wanted to create a focal point within the piece, using lighter colors. Then a majority of the piece would be with darker colors mainly blue & black. So as i started to paint, and i started to sense two titles for my piece form in my mind: "Shadow Self" and "Breaking of Day". It wasn't until I stood back from the piece and really looked at it, It looked like I was looking at the sky right after a horrible storm and the sun/light is breaking thru the sky, the "breaking of day." It was later on that I was reminded of a gospel song of the same title: " Breaking of Day" and the lyrics are: " I can feel the breaking of day, I won't look back, I'll just keep pressing my way. Oh, I can feel the breaking of day,
my blessing's got to be on the way..." Don't you just love confirmation? :)

What I have found is that the reason why I create art is because throughout most of my life the art I created served as vehicle for which I can express some of my deepest emotions as well as explore different concepts of designs or illustrations that I have in my mind that I desire to share with the world. I also feel as though art, in all of its various forms, can serve as a catalyst that could spark change in our world.

My name is Jonelle Appah. I am based in Douglasville, GA which is about 20 minutes west of Atlanta, GA. I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Women's Studies from Augusta State University, which I completed in 2010. Since I can remember, I have always been drawn to the arts from music, art, fashion, and performing arts. It has been this love for art that has carried me and sustained me through much of my life. It is this love for art that now has brought me here to the space that I am impassioned to share my art with others. So, if you are interested or moved by any of my pieces please don't hesitate to click "buy" button to add the original piece or the prints to your collection. If you have any additional questions, comments, or feedback regarding the pieces, please contact me at: ayadesigns01@gmail.com

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