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Naranji Gourami

24.41"W x 36.22"H x 1.6"D

$770 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece
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Ashvin Harrison

Scarborough, QLD

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: colorful painting, bright colors, color, colorful, street art, modern, popular artist, popular art, new art, ashvin harrison, expressionism, photorealism, realism, abstract large painting, large painting, ocean theme, sea, blue and orange, orange and blue, oranges, orange, fighter fish, koi fish, goldfish, fish

Media: acrylic, charcoal on canvas

Size: 24.41"W x 36.22"H x 1.57"D

Year Created: 2017

This art piece is inspired by citrus, passion and fish. I experimented with feminine and masculine shapes again in this piece to create balance and contrast. I decided to create a realistic mix and dreamlike abstract impression in the tail. I use heavy splashes of paint to express water-like movements. You'll see up close in person a resin effect in areas. I have been creating my own emulation of resin effects using various techniques.

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