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French Lavender Dance - Copy

24.41"W x 36.22"H x 1.6"D

$990 (Shipping Included)

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Ashvin Harrison

Scarborough, QLD

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: black swan, swan lake, nyc ballerina, abstract ballerina art, large, bright colors, colorful abstract, colorful, women dancing, ballet dancer, women, inspiring women, ballroom, ballet, ballerina, dancer, dance, dancing, realistic, expressive, large painting, paint splashing, ashvin harrison, ballet art, female ballet, ballerina art

Media: acrylic, charcoal on canvas

Size: 24.41"W x 36.22"H x 1.57"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

My latest dancer art piece is inspired by Swan Lake and the details in a river bed. I wanted to create a dance expression of what it felt like to see Swan Lake and the excitement leading up to it that night. I absolutely love ballet and interpretive dance, and seeing the Russian ballet was a delight. I have used a thick resin on the dress for the first time and my usual resin-like effects in the splatter. As a result of the resin mix, I feel the art piece pops out of the canvas, providing greater movement.

I’ve made up my own unique paint brushing effect to work in the charcoal, which results in a smooth finish on paper and canvas. I then let the emotions run free with expressive splashes and resin-like mixes of paint. This large piece is ready to hang and sealed with high quality fixatives.

My paintings have been sold and safely shipped to collectors throughout the world. This may be the piece which speaks to you, if not, feel free to contact me to commission a piece.

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