Peaceful Woods

36.00"W x 18.00"H x 1.0"D

$100 (Shipping Included)

Commission a Piece

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: trees, nature, landscape, landscape, sunset

Media: acrylic

Size: 36"W x 18"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2018

Ready to Hang

Painted this after sitting on my back porch in the fall. Was so quiet and peaceful.

Nicole Dohnal creates paintings and mixed media artwork. By applying abstraction, Dohnal makes work that deals with the documentation of events and the question of how they can be presented. The work tries to express this with the help of physics and technology, but not by telling a story or creating a metaphor. By rejecting an objective truth and global cultural narratives, she creates intense personal moments masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles.

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