Seven Sails High Seas

62.20"W x 38.58"H x 1.2"D

$4,470 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: sea, sky, surfers, waves, sails, surfing

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 62.2"W x 38.58"H x 1.18"D

Year Created: 2008

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My paintings reflect my enduring interest in the landscape, often with people playing, walking or in contemplation. I don't avoid the picturesque as with many contemporary painters, looking deeper into the graphic possibilities and abstract playfulness of nature. I cant avoid my background of graphic design and illustration, an unconscious predilection that sometimes thwarts my intentions, but more often imparts a disciplined line and palette that does away with affectation.
My love of the beach must be apparent from this collection. I enjoy the ever changing seascape and sand, the lofty skies and the theater of its many visitors in all seasons. I look for the sacred places in my travels and try to record my deep felt impressions.

Choosing illustration and design at college I went into a career of illustration and design, but continued my love of painting throughout. Where ever my life journey took me, from Amsterdam, Paris, London and far flung places in India, Malaysia and Tibet I carried my sketch book and camera, recording the landscapes and people I encountered. Now settled among the rolling hills and secret coves of south Devon I paint, sketch and photograph this blessed county.

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