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7.87"W x 7.87"H x 1.2"D

$520 (Shipping Included)

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Antonio Syxty

Milano, 25

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: monochrome painting, yellow, square painting, secret life, abstract, action painting

Media: acrylic, plastic card on canvas, plastic card

Size: 7.87"W x 7.87"H x 1.18"D

Year Created: 2012

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Behind my art there is a narrative point of view. I always start to work thing the artwork as a gesture, a sort of written confession about my way of living my life. It is not easy for me to reach a personal satisfaction in what I do, because I do not intend art as a decor, as something which is beautiful to watch. I admire those artists who do this, but for me art has a greater thoughtful goal. I think to what I want to expose in a work of art, then I start to chose a medium like canvas, wood board, paper. I love and prefer to work with mixed media. I love to mix the media I use. I love action painting and also street art, but my major inspiration is conceptualism and situationism.

I was born in Buenos Aires. I live and work in Milan since many years. While I was at High School I wrote an essay about visual and avant-garde poetry practices in Italy from 1940 to 1974. During the 70s I started as a young art performer in art galleries collaborating with other artists, designers, architects and musicians. In that period I was strongly influenced by conceptual and behavioral art, and I was deep impressed by a strong fascination with the work of Sol LeWitt, Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Kossuth, Walter De Maria, John Baldessarri, On Kawara, Joseph Beuys and others. In 1978 I invented ‘OH-ART!’, an autobiographical artistic movement with a fan club dedicated to Syxty myself and to my artwork. After having studied Art and Drama courses in the United States between 1975 and 1976 I began to realize live and art performances between 1977 and 1984. In the 80s my career moved progressively towards live theatre performance. In this way theatre became for me an art project with endless drift and behavioral variations related to the exchange of identity, and to the true and fake. Since then my work changed in the profession of director. At the beginning I worked for  theatre and after I became also a movie and television director, developing my skill for video installation, public events and shows, gaining a formal attitude to be a director of spaces and behaviors. I also worked as a director for RAI - Italian Television State Broadcasting Company and for private broadcasting group as Mediaset, and for advertising, corporate film-making, fashion, live concerts and any other forms of live event. I'm currently artistic director of Teatro Litta in Milan. In 2007 I also started an art project called Money Transfer, based on the emotional effects of money and economics in our everyday life. Money Transfer Art Project is supposed to be a Whole Earth Catalogue for New Millennium, starting out with credit cards as artwork and developing a conceptual art-project dealing with ‘art as a confession’.

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