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Commissioned painting-Poland/ 2012

23.62"W x 35.43"H x 0.4"D

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Commission a Piece
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Anna Skorut

Boca Raton, FL

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: commission painting, home interior colorful, interior design painting, interior design art, contemporary abstract, abstract painting, abstract art, vibrant colors, colors

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 23.62"W x 35.43"H x 0.39"D

Year Created: 2012

In my work, I move between abstraction and realism. My works are inspired by nature.
My early works were focused mainly on abstract with the evident spontaneity in simple forms and colors but they were usually representing nature and zoomed in elements.
With the time, I started to deviate from that model and I start painting the nature from a long distance perspective.
Inspired by the surrounding colors, contrasting lights, textures, patterns of nature and playful skies. I believe the change of the scale and expense in my works are closely related to my emotional journey during the years of traveling and changing surroundings. While the new space in my works represents the distance between me and my mother land.
My paintings are made with lots of colors and texture, same as space where I'm in right now, although from time to time I apply more mystic and poetic character to my works, is where the memories and dreams return.
As an artist, inspiration comes to me in many different forms and my goal is to express my vision in such a way that leads people to experience different levels of interpretation.

Szczecin, Poland. 1977 Anna studied art, graphic and interior design at the University of Applied Arts in Szczecin (now Art Academy in Szczecin), Poland and graduated in 2002 with the Master of Art and Interior Design degree. During the time spent at university Anna learn about various techniques which she combined creatively and which, through the years, helped her evolve her authentic style. The main media Anna uses is oils and acrylics, her most evident style is abstract with a shadow of realism. She likes to move between abstraction and realism especially in her landscape works, inspired by the surrounding color, contrasting lights, textures, patterns of nature and playful skies. Other characteristics in Anna’s technique and style are the evident spontaneity in her choice of simple forms. However, her leading abstract works are integrating with the realistic, capturing the essence of the natural forms. She likes art which leads people to experience different levels of interpretation. From 2013 Anna is an active member of ACAV Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists- a member of the International Association of Plastic Arts AIAP / IAA with the headquartered in Paris France and endorsed by UNESCO. Anna’s previous stay in Malta and recent in Costa Rica has had a great influence on the choice of themes. Anna's paintings are found in numerous private and corporate collections, both nationally and internationally.

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