Autumn Mountainscape

36.00"W x 24.00"H x 1.5"D

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Andrew Keola


Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: trees, modern, landscape, landscape, mountains

Media: acrylic

Size: 36"W x 24"H x 1.5"D

Year Created: 2018

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This was a study to see if I could create a mountain-scape in acrylic rather than oils which I'm used to. I used a photo of the Grand Teton mountain range in the fall as inspiration. Although the mountains were loaded with snow, there was still green near the base which was interesting.

Design Strategy:

This was a straight forward landscape that I would have painted pretty much the same if it were oils. Acrylics are more forgiving because if the layering wasn't right I could wipe away the paint with a sponge and start over without destroying the previous layers.

Working Process:

The process of painting this image was the same as with oils according to the layering technique. I just had to wait for the paint to dry between each layer. After painting the background sky I painted the base color for the mountain range and added a blue-tinted white for the snow. In the shaded areas I used a more grey-blue color. The foreground trees were painted with the trunks first and the brush second in layers from dark to light to create the illusion of depth.

I am a self-representing artist in Southern Colorado and have been involved in graphic and digital art for 20 years. For the past few years I have been focusing on fine art and painting (especially abstracts and landscapes). My upcoming works will include purely abstract pieces as well as abstract infused landscapes and cityscapes. When an image comes to my mind I have to create it or it will become an obsession. Painting and creating art is very liberating. It is perhaps one of the most natural forms of expression that I use to share my own unique perspective.

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