The man and the sun - Hard sun, the human condition (Landscape Expressionism Series)

7.87"W x 9.84"H x 0.8"D

$450 (Shipping Included)

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Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: figures, figure, nostalgia, man, landscapes, oil on canvas, italy, monochrome, rome ruin, italian ruins, aqueduct, ancient architecture, abstrat expressionism landscape, expressionism landscape, abstract expressionism landscape, italy lanscape paintings, ruins, abstract expressionism, expressionism, landscape, rome, italian, roman campagna, greco roman, greco-roman, roman

Media: oil on canvas

Size: 7.87"W x 9.84"H x 0.79"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

The man and the sun - Hard sun, the human condition (Landscape Expressionism Series)

This work is part of a series of Expressionism landscapes.

I often worked with small to medium sizes.
When I painted this picture was a very hot, in Italy and in my life. I devoted myself to stodio and looking Expressionism, Die Brucke and the expressiveness of painting and sculpture by Giacometti.

Oil painting on canvas, has a small wooden frame of 2 cm thick, which can be removed easily without leaving a trace on the work.

The painting was set by me on the inner wood frame.

At the moment I think, I enjoy expressing myself with different techniques: painting, drawing, photography. I can imagine that initially the collector or the beholder of my works can be a little crowded out or confused. The hallmark of my work is not found in the repetition of the same technique, again and again, but in some features of the technique itself and. The sign, the theme, the subject... are the way you can recognize my "signature." Living in Italy, every day I live together archeology, painting, architecture and Roman statuary, the Renaissance, the Baroque and all the other great styles, artistic periods and collections that are here, in Rome and in Italy. This is in my history, in my roots. In the history and roots of Western art. I have always felt a fascination for drawing since I was a child. I was fascinated by the idea of translating fantasy stories or even the first knowledge I got in school in images. I remember my notebooks: they were full of stories with drawings and illustrations of what I was learning at school. This is the way I learned new techniques and I improved my abilities: pencil, charcoal, pen, oil-colours, acrylics, using different styles and painting supports.

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