Daily Routine

18.00"W x 24.00"H x 1.0"D

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A Evans

Huntington, WV

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: odd, modern abstract expressionism, dark beauty, black and red, busy art, foggy scene, abstract expressionism, abstract art, people and figures

Media: acrylic on canvas, stretched canvas

Size: 18"W x 24"H x 1"D

Year Created: 2017

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The ideas behind my artwork are pretty vast, but always encase some type of emotion. I do not create pieces strictly from boredom. I create from emotion. A lot of my art has centered around feministic views and how they relate to women today. You will almost always be able to find a face, usually female. in my artwork. I tend to be drawn to the darker side of the color palette. I feel as though the lighter colors don't really do justice in what I am trying portray. I love the use of acrylics as I can use different mediums to thicken and texture certain aspects of my paintings. Although most of my art is dark, I usually try to use a glossy, and sometimes iridescent color to shine some type of light in my art. Through all the darkness, there is always a light; a hope. In my experience, this is my view. I want you to feel my raw emotions of confusion, desperation, abandonment, but I also want you to know there is a way to reclaim yourself.

Most of my art is shown as female; as a part of me.

It is always funny to me to try and come up with a bio. I absolutely hate talking about myself. I don't like divulging in the details that make me,, me. But for you to get to know me I suppose I should let you in on some things. I am a middle-aged wife (wow..I don't like the way that sounds at all) and mother of two. I have two dogs who are like my very own children. We consider them the canine family members and are spoiled beyond belief (and no they are not little tiny lap dogs either, they are German Shepherds). My days are usually filled with completing all the menial tasks that you would expect a housewife to complete while her loving husband is at work and her children are off at school. I cook. I clean. And I paint. Not just your typical painting, it s more like the kind of painting you almost feel ashamed after because of the crazy mess that's left behind. Passionate and bold. It's a way of in-burdening my soul; releasing all the elements of frustration and pent up energy. Shall I explain why? In 2014 I endured a near fatal medical event. I was hospitalized and treated for an emergent health scare and then, by complete coincidence, was given too much of a medication by hospital staff that shut my kidneys down. I had to be placed on so many life-saving measures and endured some of the worst pain I never thought existed. During this time period things about my life changed. My mood, my outlook on life, my pain tolerance, and more importantly, my faith in others ( as I had trusted healthcare staff to treat me and help make me better). Here it is 2017 and I am a homemaker. That's such a stark change from my previous employment as a pediatric nurse! One day I am super nurse (heehee) and the next I am forever changed; disabled and unable to return to traditional work. So as you have gathered, I spend my days at home. My pleasure and hobby is painting. It is a passion that has helped me release emotions so that I can heal (obviously emotionally). I sincerely hope this is at least a mediocre bio that can help you understand me as an artist, and what drives me to create. Thank you for your time, A Evans

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