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The Girl by Denisse Wolf

What the heck is Vango?

Vango is an online marketplace that connects buyers, both first-time and experienced, to independent artists.

Why are we doing this?

Original art is awesome.

We’re here to let the secret out - art is amazing and everyone should have it. Fact: A staggering 82% of homes in the US have little to nothing on their walls. We think that’s crazy. Just look at an original painting for instance. We recognize that it’s undoubtedly “cool,” and are quite frankly awe-struck that another human can produce such a masterpiece from their bare hands. So it’s settled - art is awesome, and cool, and beautiful.

But art is intimidating...

When’s the last time you walked into a museum or gallery and thought, “Man I feel really comfortable here, I love all this talk about post-modern neo-expressionism and I think I’ll have that piece for my living room.” Most of us can confidently say, never. Thus, we end up thinking art is too expensive and out-of-our-league, which only perpetuates the lie that art is only meant for some people. We’re here to set the record straight - art is for everyone.

And if we succeed, artists thrive.

When more of us buy art, more crazy-talented artists can continue to create. Every year 50k artists graduate from art school in the US alone, 80% of whom will be forced to stop making art full-time if they can’t find an audience. No more! We’re bringing new art lovers to new artists every single day, which means artists get to keep being artists.

How do we do it?

First, it helps to have a lot of passion and little bit of maddening determination!

We approached this as a any regular person looking for art. Despite other alternatives out there, no platform has seemed to meet the needs of the user. We focused on that so that, hoping that discovering art would become as easy and prevalent as ordering a car to pick you up, getting custom jeans, or buying your new favorite album.

On Vango you can:

  • Browse personalized recommendations based on the colors in your space by taking a photo of your room.
  • Discover art from local artists near home or while visiting your favorite destinations.
  • Favorite pieces to make your browsing experience more customized.
  • See the art scaled to your space to know exactly how the art will look.
  • Finally understand pricing - artists unlock higher price points the more art they sell.

We are inspired by hearing your feedback, so send us a note anytime at

What Keeps us going?

“All the collection galleries look great. Vango is by far the most forward-thinking and best-curated gallery online.”

Elliott Nathan, Artist

“I have just bought more pieces, as you can see, I've become quite a Vango junkie”

Whit S, Vango Buyer

“I think [Vango] is freaking fantastic. I can't wait until the holidays so i can buy original art for people!!! I think the browsing experience is amazing.”

Allison C, Vango Buyer

"Working at Google I see and hear about a ton of new companies. Most are boring. Yours sir is the first that made me stop in my tracks in a long while. It is a fantastic concept and very well executed. I hope it blows up for you and the artists."

Greg P, Vango Buyer

“You guys are the best! I'm local in San Francisco and if you guys EVER need anything please let me know. I'm a huge fan of what you're doing and happy to help out if I can”

Rachel F, Artist

“Vango is definitively a strong application combining the ease of the 21st century technology with the ancient pleasure of shopping for art!”

Christoph, Vango Buyer

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