Collective Action - 'The Vermin are Revolting' Series

27.60"W x 19.70"H x 0.6"D

$960 (Shipping Included)

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Abi Whitlock

Ottery St Mary, DEV

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: modern, contemporary painting, realism, hyperrealism, photorealism, minimalism, wildlife, nature, political, yellow, animal painting, dripping, drip, tear, nest, honey, swarm, hive, animal, insects, insect, bees, bee

Media: acrylic on canvas

Size: 27.6"W x 19.7"H x 0.6"D

Year Created: 2017

Ready to Hang

Part of a new series I'm currently working on entitled 'The Vermin are Revolting!'. In this piece and in the series generally, I explore how modern humanity categories and labels some aspects of the natural world as undesirable and how human life now so often centres around the sanitisation, control and manicuring of nature. Nature is only seen as 'valuable' to us if it provides a service, generates wealth or if its in the 'right place'. Thus large swathes of life are destroyed as they are either considered a nuisance or is seen as having no value. Yet nature still finds a way, no matter how much we try to paper over the cracks. In this piece a swarm of honey bees (so often seen as either invasive and dangerous pests in need of extermination when in or near homes, or commercially a useful tool to be commodified into honey making machines for profit) begin the fight back. They may be small and weak as individuals, but together they are a force to be reckoned with.

This work is painted on a gallery wrapped canvas and therefore can be hung unframed.

I am a contemporary acrylic artist who lives and works in rural Devon. My work focuses predominately on the human form and how the mind and body are affected when immersed in water. This is mirrored by the way light is refracted and reflected, distorting and enhancing colour and shape. I try to capture the way entering the water enables the swimmer to enter an altered state of mind; a form of escapism from the real world.

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