The trees in the wind are expressive and minimalistic, serious with the details of the wire.

53.00"W x 26.00"H x 5.0"D

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Cacak, 17

Medium: Painting

Subject Tags: sky, land-sea-sky, landscape-river-deer-trees-rocks-nature, nature-inspired, nature

Media: acrylic, wire, silicone, oil on wood

Size: 53"W x 26"H x 5"D

Year Created: 2017

The path in search of color and material best for showing changes and metamorphosis of natural in artificial and vice versa. Experiment with material and change of two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Emphasis on the spontaneous drawing created by spraying paint. Use of natural and decorative materials, wood, wire, clearing. The concept of extending and enlarging the number of images of the same story. The landscape as an eternal inspiration seen through broken glass, geometrization and finding a stylized manuscript of natural flow and movement. An experiment involving the light and the position of the observer in relation to the work as a way to a new experience of it. A game of light, shadows and reliefs, matted and glossy surfaces.
The exhibition is intended as a walk through a distorted world of associations and broken glass, a window through which the landscape is viewed.

Following a multydisciplinary approach to design she works in various techniques ranging from traditional oil painting to glass and clirite painting and zgrafitto, often combining diferrent material and incorporating painting practice in her interiour design work. She is currently involved in execution of her graduating project while working as art teacher. She resides and works in Čačak, Serbia.

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