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Hope, Guitar Back

27.00"W x 18.00"H x 0.1"D

$420 (Shipping Included)

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A K Nicholas


Medium: Photography

Subject Tags: guitar, woman

Media: color on matte photo paper

Size: 27"W x 18"H x 0.1"D

Year Created: 2017

Patterns of greenish patina and copper mingle behind a figure with an acoustic guitar. Soft waves of hair brush her shoulders. Waves of movement flow through the image, with only certain features rendered crisply.

An unapologetic celebration of the female form, these images invite the viewer to explore a dreamlike world. Photography is simply a starting point on this journey to an unknown destination. The artwork sometimes pays homage to, and at other time challenges traditional ideas. This chosen perspective of beauty is neither overwrought with eroticism nor obligated to modesty.

The subjects are fictional residents of a parallel world, much like our own, frequently more beautiful, more interesting, and sometimes more frightening. The artwork is exploratory; a pastiche of borrowed cultural perceptions and glimpses into an alternate reality that is tantalizingly close.

The photographs are not intended to be a technical tour-de-force. The technique is sufficient to convey a concept. When producing art there is no requirement to follow rules, be predictable, or appeal to a mass audience.

By design, these images appeal to a select group of viewers. The allure of mass recognition is seductive, but it is also creatively hazardous. It would be easy enough to simply distill a menu of classic poses, competent photographic practices, then apply effects that are commonly admired. Such images would be consumed, applauded without criticism, then quickly forgotten.

One of the most exciting things about any creative work is the discussion that surrounds it. For this artist, success engaging the viewer emotionally or intellectually, whether that response be positive, negative, or inquisitive.

A K Nicholas was born in the United States and raised in the Middle East. Always at ease with visual expression, as a second generation artist, childhood included exposure to galleries and museums in dozens of countries. Although formally trained in painting and drawing, he chose photography as best suited to convey his ideas. "I feel the most successful images leave the viewer either unsure or unconcerned as to the precise process of production."

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